The estate sits on 500 hectares of historic forests, meadows, and rivers, radiating nothing but peace and quiet. Featuring a variety of terrains and a rich array of wildlife, Duttenstein’s Wildlife Park’s reputation extends well beyond regional borders. The main types of trees found here are oak, hornbeam, copper beech, ash, spruce, and pine. The mere approach to the estate along the old chestnut alley is like stepping back in time. A true jewel of Nature.

Luftaufnahme von Schloss und Wildpark Duttenstein

Experience the forest

A balance between untouched nature and modern forest management creates an exceptional atmosphere in Duttenstein. Our partners at Blauwald GmbH & Co. manage the forest with its extraordinary 300-year-old oaks and unique trees according to economic, environmental, and social principles. Maintaining and enhancing the forest’s ecosystem is our primary mission.

Mufflon im Wildpark Duttenstein

Wildlife park

With its structured forest landscape including numerous deadwoods, the park provides a unique home for many protected species. Over the past three decades, we have successfully revitalized and reintroduced a diverse population of rare birds to the park. Duttenstein’s park is known for the numerous fallow deer, often seen in large packs on the great lawns. Other species such as mouflon and wild boar, together with the fallow deer, have been cared for and nurtured in our forests for many centuries. Our aim is to protect and support these forests with all their beauty and variety of wildlife.

Wildpark Duttenstein GmbH, a subsidiary of Blauwald GmbH & Co KG, performs the park’s maintenance and estate’s preservation.