The 500-hectare historic wildlife park lies on the border of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, near Heidenheim. The fencing around the estate’s park was erected in 1817 due to the excessive damage to surrounding farmers’ crops. Today it is historically protected and extensively looked after and repaired with wood from Duttenstein’s forests.

Jagd Strecke am Fuße von Schloss Duttenstein
Jagd Mittag am Schloss Duttenstein
Jagd Mittag am Schloss Duttenstein


Our large population of fallow deer made Duttenstein an attractive hunting destination for European nobility since medieval times. Lasting over centuries, even today the park offers a variety of wildlife from fallow deer, mouflons, and wild boars, guaranteeing a first-class hunting experience.

To continue this long-standing tradition, individual or group hunts can be booked at the estate. Guided stalking tours, hunting seats, and drive hunts at Duttenstein are available upon request. The Castle and the hunting lodge are available for private hire, to accommodate hunting guests and group.

Dammhirsch im Wildpark Duttenstein am Abend

Zeiss Waidgefährten – hunting seminars

The seminars are not just for hunting license candidates and young hunters, but also for those looking to deepen their hunting education and apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical setting.

Erfolgreiche Hirschjagd im Wildpark Duttenstein
Lagerfeuer im Winter auf Schloss Duttenstein

Experienced professionals deliver engaging, hands-on instruction and share valuable insights. For more information, visit Zeiss Waidgefährten here.